Creative Destruction

The practice of creative destruction is an important part of process painting

  It is important to learn to use destructive energy in a creative way; if you don’t, it will turn against you. An act of destruction usually brings a few seconds of pleasure, and this […]

Painting Outside the Lines

Painting Outside the Lines

It is time to reclaim that which every child knows and is taught to forget: the essential right to create without interference or shame. In creative or spontaneous painting, the defining moment is when you face the […]

Is Your Painting Finished?

Exploring levels of completion at a Painting Experience workshop

You are finished when the painting is finished inside you. What comes after you believe you are finished may be the most important time in your painting. Levels of Completion Every process painting has cycles […]

Paint Your Own Path

Painting bright patterns at an Esalen Painting Experience retreat ( from The Painting Experience Blog)

Travelers, there is no path. Paths are made by walking. ~ Antonio Machado Often we are strongly attracted to a form or image but afraid to paint it. “It would be too stupid,” “I could […]

The Myth of Inspiration : Don’t Wait to Paint

Big process paintings in progress at Elohee (The Painting Experience 2016)

  Wherever you are is the entry point. ~ Kabir Who does not feel the tingle of excitement at the prospect of painting? Paint is sensuous. Its rich vibrant colors and its yielding smoothness make […]

Painting Is Not Just About Painting

Photo of a woman participating in a Painting Experience workshop on Whidbey Island in 2016

  Your creative power, once revived, is not likely to stay silent in your daily existence. If painting were just about painting, it would be of little interest. Painting does not occupy a limited compartment of […]