We can now recommend a set of premixed tempera paints lovingly prepared by Sharon Dvora.

Paint base: Tempera


20 colors of heavy-body tempera paint in individual 4 oz. containers. Housed in a clear storage bin. A perfect starter set for process painting or a home painting studio for artists of all ages! 12 Primary colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, white, black, brown, peach, magenta, turquoise. 8 hand-mixed colors: flame red-orange, yellow-green, yellow-orange, bloodroot, adobe, gray, pink, sky blue.

The paint we use in our workshops is a professional grade liquid tempera manufactured by Dixon Ticonderoga under the brand name Prang. This has been reformulated, and we no longer recommend this brand. The ones we suggest now are: Blick Premium Grade Tempera, RAS Tempera (Jerry's Artarama) or Saxe Paints. We suggest the 16 oz sizes. Below you’ll find the colors we use and mixing instructions for the specialty colors. Here's a link to Uline for the jars we use to hold the paints. (Either 3 or 4 oz are ok). And here's a link on Michaels Art Supplies to a cool plastic case for holding the jars from Uline.

Specialty Colors

See mixing instructions & recipes below.

It's best to mix paints into a covered container or jar so you have enough to use for a while. Start with the lighter color and slowly add darker colors a bit at a time until you get the shade you desire. The parts refer to any unit of measure.

  • Yellow-Orange: 8 parts Yellow: 1 part Orange
  • Adobe: 3 yellow/1 orange/1/2 red/1/2 brown
  • Red-orange (Flame): 8 parts orange: 1 part Magenta
  • Bloodroot: 1 part red: 1/16 black
  • Yellow Ochre: 6 parts yellow: 1/2 brown: add a teeny bit of red
  • Yellow-green: 5 parts yellow: 1/2 part green
  • Pink, Sky Blue and Gray: Start with white, slowly add a tiny bit of: Magenta for Pink, Turquoise for Lt. Blue, Black for Gray.