Why Paint for Process?

Six reasons to paint for process, not product.

Process painting is not about technique, skill or training.
It’s about using the tools of art to explore creativity itself.

Here are some gifts of painting for process rather than product:

The exhilaration of creating without concern for talent, skill or accomplishment.

Artistic freedom is the right to create without being pressured to perform, produce or succeed. The goal is free-expression. Process painting emphasizes the creative process rather than technique or expertise. No prior art experience is necessary. We all start from beginner’s mind.

The personal power that grows from being present in the moment.

Process painting offers an exceptional opportunity to inhabit the present moment. It’s an engaged spirituality — a practice of equanimity, presence, and learning to stay present in the face of whatever arises.

The beauty of letting yourself be led rather than grasping for control or attempting to plan.

Through listening to your intuition — the color that calls to you; the placement of the brush on the paper; the shape, the form, the image that wants to be born — process painting takes you on a journey of inspiration, creativity, growth and change.

The rewards that come from experiencing doubt and carrying on anyway.

One of the myths of art is that you have to feel inspired, have endless ideas or feel confident in order to create. But not-knowing allows innocence. Accepting imperfection yields compassion. Risking vulnerability opens the door to breakthrough and awe. 

The healing that comes from true completion.

Completion is one of the greatest mysteries in process painting. It can be a moment of astonishing surprise and release. Completion is an inner state of freedom that you experience when you carry a painting through to its natural end. 

The development of an awakened stance towards life that is centered and grounded, yet expansive.

The meeting with yourself that occurs in the painting process is meditation in action — where the circumstances of your life are seen as potentials rather than problems.

(Many thanks to our friend Jan Lisonbee for inspiring this page with her words!)

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