Painting Myself Free

Painting Myself Free

We’re happy to offer the following guest post by Diana Pop, who recently attended a Painting Experience workshop at Esalen and shared this wonderful description of her time in the studio. For the longest time, […]

For Therapists: Letting Creativity Support Your Work

Creative Support for Therapists | The Painting Experience Blog

In a recent post, we linked to several articles offering scientific evidence for the benefits of creative practice. As therapists, we may fall into the trap of saying, “That’s nice, but when will I fit […]

Feeling Free

Feeling Free, by Erica Pang | The Painting Experience Blog

We’re happy to offer the following guest post by Vancouver painter and art therapist Erica Pang, who recently attended a Painting Experience workshop on Granville Island. She first posted these reflections on Instagram at and we couldn't […]

A Few of Our Favorite Videos

A few favorite video resources from The Painting Experience, including Albert Cullum, Paulus Behrehnson, and David Whyte

We have a big workshop underway at the Esalen Institute this week. So large, in fact, that it outgrew the space where Stewart usually shows films to participants. (If you've been to one of our […]

The Painting Experience Podcast on Patreon

The Painting Experience Podcast on Patreon

Since launching The Painting Experience Podcast two years ago, we’ve found it's a great way to introduce people to process painting and to help folks enrich their creative engagement with life. (If you haven't yet heard an episode, […]

Creative Discontent : A Talk by Stewart Cubley

Labyrinth at Breitenbush Hot Springs, by Peter Paul Rubens

Stewart Cubley and Annie Rousseau recently facilitated the seventeenth annual Painting Experience retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs in the Oregon Cascades. This year, Stewart brought back several talks recorded live during the morning sharing circles. We thought you'd enjoy […]