Process Arts Community

January 1st to December 31st, 2021


Facilitated by Stewart Cubley & staff

Community Subscription:

  • $150 annually


  • Completion of The Principles of Process Painting
  • Completion of The Art of Facilitating


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Process Arts Community

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    • As a Process Arts Community member, you'll be invited to the Online Course Slack Workspace where you can stay connected to other course members for communication, discussion and education
    • You'll be able to participate in Stewart's monthly live webinar series "Meetings at The Edge"
    • You'll have access to video recordings of the webinars in case you cannot attend or you want to review
    • You may register for a private Video Showcase where you can view past online painting classes you attended
    • And if you're interested in training opportunities for facilitators, they will be staged and registered through this community platform
  • Meetings at the Edge  Webinar Schedule 2021

    Times:   10:00-11:30 am PST

    Dates: Monthly (Thursdays or Fridays)

    • First Webinar:  January 29, 2021


  • You will receive your payment minus a 50% cancellation fee for a period of two months after signing up. After that time your payment is nonrefundable.

    • If you're a Canadian citizen, use the code CDNP to get a 25% discount.
    • If you're from another country, please email us for information.
    • If you would like to apply for a scholarship, link here.