Process Circles

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The Painting Experience Process Circle

September 30 - November 25

(Skip November 11)

4:00 - 5:00 PM PST

Open to participants enrolled in the online course: The Principles of Process Arts

Process Circles

We're starting a new Process Circle September 30th, and we'd love to have you be a participant in these rich discussions for delving into the essential principles of process painting. The Process Circles bring a personal element into your course experience as you get to know and work closely with The Painting Experience facilitators and other course participants.

Process Circles are small groups of participants in the Online Course, The Principles of Process Arts, that explore the contents of the course through personal sharing and discussion using Zoom online video technology. You’ll make connections with other course members as you investigate the course material in light of your own experience as a painter and potential facilitator in training. While deepening your overall understanding of process art, the circle will also help you to complete the sections of the course module you’re working on. Each process circle meets online weekly for 8 weeks and addresses the course material in the order that it's presented. The sessions are recorded so you can review them—or in case you must miss one and want to catch up.

Past participants have found these online gatherings to be both personally inspiring and professionally motivating. You’ll share and hear stories of the myriad situations that arise on the path of learning to facilitate process painting, and you’ll feel emboldened to take risks in new areas of your life.

Read below what past participants have said!

Fee: $250 . (Prerequisite: Registration in the online course The Principles of Process Arts.)

I completely loved participating.

I thoroughly appreciated the expertise of all of the facilitators and continue to be hungry to hear boots on the ground stories about their experiences.

MORE please!

*    *    *

Being taught through story telling seems to stick with me more than the cerebral approach of general discussion.

The program is so well done that I completely trust that whatever comes next will be equally engaging.

*    *    *

Before I started, I felt all alone trying to push through the course.

By at the end of the Process Circle I felt pulled into and part of an incredible group of supportive friends.

*    *    *

During and after each session new understanding and ideas would spring up

and I couldn't wait to write them down and paint!

*    *    *

Having a group meeting helped me stay on track and work through the material

more readily than I would have on my own.

*    *    *

I’m forever surprised at seeing the process painting principles show up in daily life and spread throughout all I do.

I find myself in conversation with someone and I hear the words whispered...

just hold the space...listen, respect, let go. 

I could not wait for Wednesday evenings to meet my friends 

and delve into this work that calls to me again and again.

*    *    *

A sincere note of thanks to all who brought this to life.

The Painting Experience is so alive, so dynamic and resonates so deeply

in me as a reminder of my own life force.