Painting and Presence: A Video From The Painting Experience

A still photo of Betsy from the video Painting and Presence


Process painting offers deep gifts, many of which are similar to the benefits of meditation. In "Painting and Presence," painters share their personal experiences of painting for process rather than product, describing how this way of painting:

  • invites us to show up authentically in our creative expression and in our lives
  • shifts our perspective from a personality level to a deeper, more essential aspect of being
  • changes our notions that creative expression needs to be or look a certain way
  • frees us from external pressures so we can clearly sense what is arising within us
  • helps us to trust ourselves, and to know that our experience is unfolding in just the right way at just the right time.

We hope you enjoy these touching reflections.



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A still photo of Aziza from the video Painting and Presence