On the Painting Experience Podcast, founder Stewart Cubley explores the potential of the emerging field of process arts and shares inspiration and insights from his ongoing workshops and retreats.

Episode 27: Saying Yes

The Painting Experience Podcast, Episode 27: Saying Yes

Can you say yes to everything that arises while you’re painting? Are you up for trying it — even as an experiment, just once? Stewart looks directly at why we’re likely to resist such a big, unconditional “Yes!” and why we should go for it anyway.

Episode 25: Process Painting & Meditation

Process Painting & Meditation

This conversation between Stewart Cubley and Zen priest and teacher Rinzan Pechovnik investigates the powerful similarities between process painting and Zen meditation practice. This November, Stewart and Rinzan will be co-teaching a workshop called Process Painting and Zen Practice, at [...]

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