Stewart Cubley is founder of The Institute for Art & Living, dba The Painting Experience. His work has carried him throughout the world to work with groups in a process of inner exploration using the tool of expressive painting to access the potential within the human heart and imagination. For more than three decades he has taught his unique approach to literally thousands of people at growth centers such as Esalen and Omega Institutes, multinational corporations, programs in prisons and countless other public forums. Stewart lives in Fairfax, CA. He is co-author of Life, Paint & Passion, Reclaiming the Magic of Spontaneous Expression, Tarcher/Putnam 1996.

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Annie Danberg discovered the curative powers of art making during childhood, where painting and drawing became her solace in the midst of physical and emotional pain. She pursued a career in fine art as a young adult only to find it lacked the aliveness and joy she experienced as a child. In seeking a way of painting that felt resonant with her longing for untamed expression, Annie attended a Painting Experience class with Stewart in 1999 and a few years later began teaching with him. Annie resides in San Rafael, Ca and teaches weekly classes in the San Francisco Bay area, as well as leading workshops and residential seminars.

It is Annie’s abiding experience that painting for process, like dreaming, is a river that carries one into deep, wide and astonishingly wild territory where the heart can be found and life informed by the voice of the soul. Her compassionate presence brings great clarity and insight to the rich territory of process painting.

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Annie Rousseau
Annie Rousseau is a Creative Process Facilitator with 20 years experience.  She is trained in expressive arts, psychology, fine arts, counseling, mentoring and business. Her company Circle Tree Studios in Courtenay, BC offers classes, workshops, on-line study groups and mentoring using art to transform your life and your business.

Annie has studied Hakomi Counseling through the Vancouver Hakomi Education Network, Expressive Arts with Expressive Arts Florida, and has a Fine Arts and Psychology background.  She has been facilitating interactive workshops for 20 years in social development, education and inner process work.  She has excellent skills in working with individuals and groups and loves helping people find their right path in life.

Read Annie's personal statement and see her website.


Betsy Vingle
Born and raised in South Florida, Betsy was known as an artist until she enrolled in "art school". After a rough start at the University of Georgia majoring in Painting and Drawing, she did an about face and changed her major to Biochemistry and Nutrition. She became a Chiropractor and had a very successful practice in Fort Lauderdale for ten years before having a daughter and seeking for a slower pace in the mountains of North Carolina.
Betsy first experienced the Painting Experience at a workshop held in Asheville in 1999 and it was there she realized why she had abandoned her art and her creativity - she had connected art with the vulnerability of her first year in school and no longer felt secure in her self-expression. The weekend workshop gave her a completely safe environment to restablish the connection, and she was hooked. Betsy currently lives outside of Asheville with her fifteen year old daughter, practices Chiropractic, conducts painting classes at her studio in Brevard and co-facilitates workshops with the Painting Experience.

Matthew Belay
Raised on a farm in southwestern Virginia, Matt developed many skills and practical understandings at an early age. During and after university at Virgina Tech he traveled extensively throughout the world for both work and personal study, widening his perspective of art, culture and diversity. While pursuing his degree in Landscape Architecture at Virginia Tech, he specialized in community design, culminating in the development of the first co-housing community in the region. For a number of years he worked as operations manager for Hui Ho’olana retreat center in Molokai, Hawaii, which is where he first came in contact with The Painting Experience. Matt currently lives on a 45 acre rural property outside of Blacksburg. His primary interest is in continuing to live in a community setting and supporting the personal growth of himself and others through facilitating The Painting Experience in a retreat center atmosphere.

Support Staff

Caroline McCartie

Caroline has worked as a graphic designer, art teacher, co-founder & director of a community art center. She was a residential volunteer at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, where she also worked as a yoga instructor and program coordinator for Yoga Teacher Training. Her study of health & nutrition led to a three-year position as private chef to James Taylor. Finally, craving connection to a part of herself that no healing modality or outward experience had yet reached, she landed at a Painting Experience workshop. Standing in front of the blank white page with brush in hand, she was introduced to the experience of creative freedom and she has not looked back. Committed to growing as a facilitator of the work, sheís passionate about the wide-open possibilities of the ever-expanding Process Arts community.

To reach her directly, please email our office.

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